Ways To Become A Successful Photographer

Ten years ago, I was a newcomer to photography and I didn’t know how many topics, directions and opportunities the photography industry could accommodate. I didn’t think it was easy to make money in photography, and besides that, there’s always a chance to get in touch with what you love every day.

I wrote this list of earnings in photography on the basis of my more than a decade of experience as a photographer, using the conclusions from both my successes and mistakes, from hundreds of books on photography and marketing and from thousands of watched hours of video, from communicating with the best photographers in the world and businessmen whose experience I projected on photography.

In today’s world, the cost of entry into the photography business is so low that almost every second person claims to be a professional photographer. Today, a practicing photographer needs a little more than $5,000 to be fully engaged in his business. This is such a low price that it is not comparable with any other starting point to any other business.

And so you bought or rented a minimum set of photographic equipment, called yourself a photographer and began to work almost at a loss and wear. So you expect to attract more customers. But the strategy of low price works only in the long term, when you have a certain financial pillow and a few years ahead.

And now the main question is. If a novice photographer has a huge number of competitors and just as aggressive price dumping, which will bankrupt anyone in less than a few years, how to build a sales strategy? How to become a really successful photographer? How to build a successful income in photography?

Niche Choice

And at the same time, the average photographer anywhere in the world earns no more than three hundred dollars per photo shoot. What should we do then? How to get out of this vicious circle?

Your task is to differ from the others. Create something unique that will distinguish you from the rest. It can be an ideal service or service. But the simpler way is to choose a niche.

Earnings from photography: Ways

In this section, I will describe all sorts of ways to make money with the help of photos, point out their pros and cons, and explain how to build additional sales in each topic. So, let’s start.

Work with private clients. B2C (Business to Consumer)

This is the easiest activity for a novice photographer. The entrance is symbolic. As a rule, in order to start providing services to individuals, you only need a camera with good optics.

And, importantly, the money is paid immediately and in cash. It is not necessary to open a company and hire an accountant to work with a private client.

Wedding photo shoot

One of the most competitive areas where you need to be not only a good photographer, but also a good organizer and manager. You will have to charm all the employees of marriage agencies, every tamada in your city should be, if not your friend, then a good friend.

The bride and groom are worried, the parents are worried, the guests are excited. Wedding photographer should arrange, organize, make everyone smile at a certain moment. Be sure to find out from the bride before the wedding what kind of photos she wants.

Photo shoot lava stories

People in love usually love everyone around them, so it’s nice to work with them. For photos of couples in love, you have to invent and experiment so that each story is special and your portfolio is filled with diverse works.

This niche can be combined with the wedding theme. Offer young people who order a photo shoot of the wedding, to create their photo history of relationships, which can then be shown at the wedding.

Family photo shoot

It’s a rather complicated niche where many people try to work, but maybe you can do better. Here you need to be able to photograph children of different ages, loyal to the mother, who needs everything at once, and to the father, who basically does not understand why it all.

If family values are important to you and you know how to express it in your photos, you can work in the niche of a family photo shoot. And your earnings in photography will grow many times.

Pregnancy photo shoot

I don’t know any future happy moms who wouldn’t want to capture the pregnancy process. A photo shoot for pregnant women is a reason for a future mother to feel the importance and uniqueness of her condition.

This specialization opens a huge field for fantasy and creativity. Starting from shooting one shot once a week and then editing the time lapse, and ending with cool staging photos.

Photo shoot of newborns

Photo album for a newborn is a fashionable topic. In it I would advise those who can’t imagine life without communication with babies and other mothers to work. And you should agree that photographers of girls do it better, they communicate with babies more naturally and intimately.

Children’s photography

Many parents are willing to pay photographers’ money to remember their children’s moments of adulthood. This is the only specialty where the client’s return period can be about six months, not a year or a half.

Children’s photography involves the ability to contact children, and also to find places to take photographs, which is not easy. You may even have to create such places, as I did for my son, and then for other children.

Private Portfolio

It’s a specialty that many camera owners come into the photobusiness because of. First, a novice photographer takes pictures of his girlfriends and friends, and then begins to come from outside people who are willing to pay money for this service.

A separate topic in a private portfolio is the photos of models or girls who want to become them. The model portfolio is a fundamental tool for career and success in the modeling business. You must be able to create an image on the pictures, in which the directors of advertising and model agencies can see the rising Cindy Crawford.

Erotic photo shoot

A separate subspecies of photo shoot, loved by many photographers. After all, it is a photo in the style of nude collect a huge number of likes and repost in social networks. To work in this topic, you must have a subtle sense of proportion and good taste.

In addition, you should understand that despite the bright cover, it’s the same job. All erotic and seductive erotic photoshoots for you will end after one or two shoots.

Ronald K. Johnson

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