How To Take A Good Picture

Taking pictures is easy

Sounds controversial? Why? Taking pictures is easy, but good pictures is not easy anymore. After reading this article you will be closer to answering the question of how to take a good picture.


According to wikipedia, photography is drawing with the use of light ( (gr. φως, phōs, D. phōtós – light; gráphō – I write, graphein – draw, write; ). There is a certain poetry and romanticism in it, isn’t there? As you can see, the very definition of photography speaks of “drawing with light”.

The way we use light skillfully determines the effect. That’s why we usually complain about photos taken in conditions where this light is missing and the question comes back to us – how to take a good picture?

Nice photo.

You are here because you are looking for tips on how to take a nice picture and where to start. Let’s assume you’d like to take a nice picture, even if it’s a selfie. To start with, go to a room with lots of daylight. Take a selfie, standing one side to the window, and then another side to the window, turning the front to the window.

Take a look at how the shadow on your face works. For many people it can be an interesting discovery, because we are used to the fact that the selfie has little to do with any artistry and knowledge about photography. Instagram is flooded with selfie, which usually has one task – to be the most beautiful.

Cameras in phones have wide-angle lenses, which play the role of “slimmers”. All you need to do is take a picture from your hand up and your phone is tilted at the right angle and voilà – no need to go to the gym or follow a strict diet.

Then you pass such a person in the city and… you don’t recognize them, because they look a bit different. I would like to encourage you to get to know photography, which not only gives fun, but also does not hypocrite reality.

Method of trials and errors

I am of the opinion that nothing gives such fun as discovering photography in this way – the method of trial and error. However, I have to worry about the supporters of taking pictures with a phone, because there is no phone with a camera that will give you such possibilities as the cheapest reflex camera with a bright lens (Ufff). However, I will not leave you with anything and I will try to give you some tips.

The biggest mistake I made at the beginning of my adventure with photography was the lack of a specific idea for a photo. I didn’t know how to frame and what it was all about, I didn’t know how to take a good picture. How do I know when to leave more space over the model and when to leave more space under it?

The problem was that I didn’t know how to show the subject of the photo in the right way. But the longer I took pictures, the more thoroughly I analyzed the mistakes I made. At first the trial and error method was limited to the camera settings. My first discovery that drew me into the world of photography for good was the depth of field (bokeh, blurred background behind the subject).

Focus depths

It’s your turn to do a similar experiment. Place an open book on the table and next to it, in the background, a piece of paper with some kind of inscription, or… anything (do as in the photo). First focus on the content and then on the object in the background. See how the area that is out of focus blurs.

It was this discovery that pushed me to buy the first bright lens that allows a similar effect to be achieved in much larger spaces. You don’t know what I mean? I’ll explain. Do a similar experiment with the same camera (or phone), but this time go back one meter. Keep a similar frame so that the object is in the background again. Sharpen on the content and then on the object in the background.

Bokeh effect

What’s the effect? Is something blurring? That’s right, not really. In this case we don’t know what the subject of the picture is anymore, because the focus covers practically everything.

Nowadays there are smartphones that even “blur” the background from a greater distance, but they are supported by “photo-rapid blur”. How do I achieve background blur in the latter case when objects are far away? This is what the so-called bright lenses are from.

How to take a good picture – Composition in photography

Composition in photography is something that distinguishes outstanding photographers from those who simply take good pictures. I’m not going to write about multiplanes here and so on. Because I’m trying to make my article accessible to everyone.

When you want to take a picture of a friend on a park bench (let’s stick to this example), I suggest you walk around her and look for something interesting, not obvious. I realize that the photo of a friend on a park bench seems too obvious, but it depends on you whether it will happen otherwise.

Keep an eye on the background and use the foreground. The foreground is something you forget about, and thus you lose the ability to take a unique photo. While we are in the park, at our friend’s bench, take a look around to see if there are any bushes or twigs nearby, which you can use as the foreground.

I’m not going to be mute and for the purpose of this article I took two photos with my phone (xiaomi redmi note 4x), where I wanted to show you how you can use the foreground to take interesting photos. I went down to the kitchen and “snapped” these two fruit photos

As you can see, composition in photography is extremely important. By the way, I’ll throw in one more photo I took for my friend during the concert. I’ll add that my friend from the photo plays the so-called Christian rap, so as you can see, the composition is a hit in the bull’s eye.

Ronald K. Johnson

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