Bringing Peace To Earth

According to Thomas Berry, “All human tasks, occupations, programs, and establishments must henceforth be evaluated largely by the extent to which they prevent, ignore, or cultivate a mutually improving human/Earth connection.”

Peace in the world is a usual theme in Christmas carols. We envision a world in which we are all serene with each other. Sadly, this continues to be a desire as well as our personal demands and wants constantly bring us right into conflict with each other. Bob Fussell records just how this can take place in his novel, American Family Divided. We keep attempting. In our long for peace with each other, we typically forget peace with our shared house, the earth itself.

The Earth supplies us its dirt, water, wind, plants, and animals without charge-no tax, mortgage, rental fee or homeowner costs required. It is all there for us. We usually ransack the earth’s resources to the detriment of the earth and also ourselves instead than offer as wise stewards. Sometimes we gain from our mistakes as well as start acting more sensibly. We can also be greedy, ordering what we can for the minute without concern for the damages we do to our residence as well as what we leave for our youngsters as well as their descendants.

Just how we achieve peace with the earth? Numerous sages have advised us over the centuries that every one of our actions has consequences. Yet we tend to take for provided that earth can care for itself in spite of just how we treat it. Due to the fact that our globe is so substantial, we imagine that it can absorb our worst assaults against its fragile balance. We need to recognize that we can destroy our residence or at the very least make it unliveable at least for people. For more on that, check out this article.

It is time to say thanks to God for the gift of our earth. It is time we give thanks to the earth for its presents consisting of the soil in which we expand our food, the air we breathe, and also the water which gives us life. We are beginning to find the energy lying dormant in the wind, motion of the seas, lakes as well as rivers, geothermal warm, the sunlight and probably many various other natural resources. Our obstacle is to utilize these sources wisely and also with respect. I recall a Native American custom of saying thanks to a pet which gave its life for human nourishment. We must embrace this custom for all earth’s presents to us.

Since we have understood the techniques for plundering earth’s resources, it appears like going backward to begin depending more on renewable energies. We would certainly need to increase our financial investment in brand-new innovation to harness them as well as use them effectively. Some of us prefer to keep the money we have in hand than threat investing in brand-new techniques. This is short-sighted. When has money in our pocket brought us peace instead of dispute? Currently is the moment to become wise guardians of our natural prizes.

Ronald K. Johnson

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